About us

Welcome to Highway Daisy.

When Summer begins to fade in the fly-over states, and the Cicada trumpet with a little more desperation, the sides of the roads and highways light up brilliantly with Rudbeckia hirta – the Blackeyed Susan, the Highway Daisy. They are Mother Nature’s road sign saying, “Get on with it.” Travel on. Follow your own path, set coarse for destinations known or unknown, and most importantly, have a little fun. This season is short. This life is short, but even at 78mph, there’s still time to slow down, and maybe consider less what’s ahead or behind, but what’s right outside your window.

Inspired by the backroads, the low roads and all the roads less taken, Highway Daisy crafts products that weave naturally into a vagabond lifestyle, whether that’s at the farthest reaches of the open road or the closest quarters of urban living. HD is ultra-limited edition clothing, accessories and lifestyle gear designed in the Midwest and bound for the highway.